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SEO Tips for 2014: Tips, Projections and Factors to Consider

Customer behavior has changed and so is their approach to shopping. Today, they are using multiple channels to reach your business, purchase a product or avail services. This makes it important to create a visible presence online. However, considering the frequency of updates by Google, it has become important optimize your website and keep yourself updated. In this article, we will focus on SEO tips for 2014 that you may use to improve your online presence and increase investment returns.

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Marketing is not rocket science, its empathy. You have to understand the market needs & trends, customers’ likes and dislikes to make a lasting impression on your customers. This is possible by creating engaging and informative content and share it with your customers.


Tips to Follow: Make the Most Of 2014

1. Visual Content marketing will definitely continue to rise throughout the year

• Visual content is social media friendly, easily sharable and attractive
• Posts with visuals receive 90% more page visits
• Businesses marketing with infographics increase up to 12% traffic


2. Mobile Strategy is Compulsory

Every social network is creating a mobile strategy to reach maximum customers across different channels. Businesses need to get serious about Integrating mobile into all aspects. The below mentioned cloud shows top five places where these smartphones are used in the US.

It is important for every business to –

• Offer short & actionable pieces of content to mobile users.
• Determine whether the market is accessing the content via mobile.

3. H.U.G.E

Content creation is a big deal, which requires correct information. Keep below mentioned factors in mind while creating the content.

• Helpful
• Unique
• Genuine
• Emotionally engaging

If your content doesn’t achieve these objectives, your customers will go to the content that does.

4. Real-Time content

Content should be updated; real-time information should be shared, and should have a long-term, useful shelf-life for its audience. The best way to create a real-time content is to make sure that you remain updated and share latest information.

5. Promotion

There’s so much content out there that makes content distribution extremely competitive. E-Marketers have found that 73% of US publishers now support native advertising on their sites.


Create a strategy that helps you make the most of your marketing strategy. The stats show that content creation is important to make a visible online presence, hence, make sure to share quality content that your customers like to read.

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