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Most Essential WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Business Website

How many efforts you are making to enhance the efficiency, functionality, and aesthetics of your website? Are you aware of WordPress plugins? Do you know WordPress plugins can take your business to the next level?

WordPress has almost 55,000+ plugins in its repository that are extremely useful for extending your business website functionality. WordPress is an open source CMS that lets anyone customize the website as per their needs without any technical skills. It covers 34% of all the websites with the extensible amount of plugins and themes.

WordPress has immeasurable plugins for SEO, analytics, security, e-commerce, social sharing, and membership, etc. So, here comes a question that how many plugins are required to boost business and what kind of plugins one should go with? All it depends on the features, your business needs and most of all your cat’s eye to choose the right and appropriate one from a massive list.

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We have come across several plugins to make your business website grow. The best ones are picked to make you chose the appropriate plugin for your business growth without any hassles. So, let’s get started on the way to business website development.

Must have WordPress plugins to accelerate the growth of the business website


WooCommerce is the best E-commerce WordPress plugin to sell anything (physical or digital goods) on your website. Effectively, it can be used for creating an online store and is being used by almost 4 million users worldwide.

WooCommerce came up with an ‘n’ number of features, such as free storefront theme, several payment gateways, easily accessible dashboard, manageable with different options with a bundle of free and premium add ons. WooCommerce can be downloaded for free. Install and enjoy the limitless possibilities for your online stores.

Yoast SEO

From all the WordPress SEO plugins, Yoast SEO is the best plugin which is known for creating the best content that helps to improve the ranking on search engines. It calculates the readability score of your content that makes it more relevant than the other plugins. It can add meta-tags, connect the website with Google Search Console for optimization, and generates the sitemaps.

Yoast SEO has a dominant feature with which you can create 301 redirects. It detects the change of URLs and auto-redirect creation to avoid the broken links on the website.

W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache is a significant measure to enhance website performance. The reason behind caching is to store the data temporarily in the cache to load the page faster. Most of the visitors expect the website to load in less than two seconds, but when it fails to do so than the user gets frustrated and leaves the website.

This plugin will speed up your website and improves the WordPress performance by producing static files from the dynamic WordPress website. It also assimilates with the Content Delivery Network (CDN) and improves the speed.


The JetPack plugin aims to provide website performance, security, image optimization, traffic growth and many more. The feature JetPack attains improves the distribution to share the published content with other services to enhance the traffic and reach. For website indexing, JetPack creates sitemaps.

Above all, it protects your website from a brute force attack that can abandon your website’s security. It is helpful in notifying when some unauthorized action takes place on your website.


It is on the top of the list when it is about providing security and web application firewall to the WordPress website. It gives the protection which is a basic requirement of every website by monitoring and protecting the website from the malware and distribute Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, brute force attacks and every other attack that harms the websites. Its firewall is a reverse proxy which filters the traffic from the Points of Presence (PoPs) from the sphere.

WP Smush

The main aspects that can easily grasp the user’s attention are images. WP Smush is a plugin through which you can optimize the images without compromising with the quality of the image. Images are the best way to deliver the message on websites/blogs.
It can help you in attaining an eye-catching, engaging and attractive page.
With WP Smush, you can optimize the images in PNG, GIF and JPEG formats. This can be achieved by using the compression method that can even save memory space. You can also smush the data up to 50 attachments at one time.

Everest Forms

One of the essential pages user requires is the Contact page. It is necessary to contact the audience whether you have small/big websites. Everest forms is a WordPress plugin which lets you create a contact form with drag and drop interface.
It can be either used to provide the feedback, to settle the business deals or the communication that is vital as per business perspective. It develops infinite WordPress forms in numerous design layouts. It has two design layouts, such as Default and classic. From Everest Forms, you can create two column WordPress contact form and advanced forms with the advanced fields, like, dropdowns, radio buttons, date, checkbox, and many more.


Akismet is an anti-spam plugin that analyze all the comments and filters all the spammy comments. It is the default plugin that has every new WordPress core installation.

It provides a history that lets you check the spammer comments by the moderator or the Akismet. The role of moderators is to view the comments of every user and removing the links if found suspicious. It includes a free plan for small or personal blogs but a premium plan is also offered for those who can comfortably afford it as per their personal and business preferences.

Google XML

This plugin is useful for searching engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google for better indexing your websites with an XML sitemap. When you activate Google XML SItemap plugin, an XML sitemap will be created for your website for easy indexing.
With Google XML, you can view the entire structure of the WordPress website and can fetch the results more efficiently.

WP optimize

WP optimize is appropriate for cleaning up the WordPress database and for WordPress optimization. It removes the irrelevant data from WordPress without standard queries.
It helps you in removing the data which makes the website to load slowly that you might not have noticed. It will remove the trash posts, trackbacks, unapproved comments, spammy comments, and pingbacks. It will make your website look categorized and optimized.

Monster Insights

MonsterInsights is a Google analytic plugin to check how the visitors are treating and using your website. It is a great statistical tool for comprehending the website traffic. It is vital to understand the visitors to generate more traffic on the website by catering to them.
Monster Insights depicts the important statistics that matter the most and you can optimize the website accordingly. You can check the conversion rates, popularity and order value with ease.

Backup buddy

It is a complex task to back up WordPress database and files regularly. With a regular back up, you can only save the files and database of the website from data theft, hardware failures, and DDoS attacks.

With Backup buddy, you can manage schedule automatic backups, store and restore the backup on the cloud and migrate the website also. You can easily scan the malware and can evade the security issues on your WordPress business website.

All-in-one Schema.org Rich Snippets

This plugin provides the pieces or extracts of the information such as ratings. It displays information such as images, ratings, and number of reviews, etc. beneath the pages on the search results. These give the information on the page/post that the visitors want to know.

It is the best manner to improve the outlook of post/page on the search engine result pages. It highlights the main aspects of the product, this, therefore, results in more clicks via rates from search engines.

Concluding Remarks

Pumped up your business with the WordPress plugins and enjoy the success! Above discussed were the best plugins that would help to enhance SEO, harden security, optimizes the speed and to sell and purchase the products in an appropriate manner. You can choose them according to your business requirements.

Do write to us in the comment section below. If we have missed any of the best then please let us know and share your views.

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