As the Head of Marketing at Etoos, I am deeply impressed by the comprehensive and innovative solutions provided by ResultFirst. From the complete revamp of our website to the systematic restructuring of our social media creatives, they have transformed our digital presence. Their strategic targeting of specific demographics increased our brand awareness significantly, and the enhanced user-friendliness of our site has drastically improved our conversion rate. The work ResultFirst has done is not only efficient but also effective, and we are delighted with the outcomes.



Etoosindia is an online education platform dedicated to providing high-quality education to students, bridging the gap of distance. The company’s primary focus is on tutoring students preparing for JEE, NEET, and CBSE examinations and those studying class XI and XII curricula. With its JEE / NEET online coaching solutions, students can study from anywhere and anytime, offering unparalleled flexibility. The company equips students with cutting-edge online tools, enabling them to prepare for JEE and NEET exams conveniently and quickly.

The Challenge

  • We found that Etoos faced a branding challenge with high clicks but low conversions. It was critical to build brand awareness for improved conversions.
  • The EtoosIndia website needed a complete overhaul because the website’s conversion rate was glaringly low
  • Delivering results in a Short timeline was challenging because of massive account confusion, unstructured campaign, irrelevant keywords, and poor quality score.
  • Meeting the client's target was also challenging due to the highly competitive industry, poor landing page, poor creative banners, and CTR impressions below the industry standards

Business Strategies:

  • We restructured campaigns, improved landing page UI, and enhanced keyword theming, significantly improving digital marketing efforts’ cost-effectiveness.
  • The targeted display and video campaigns boosted brand awareness among key demographics, increasing engagement and visibility.
  • Our team built high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites to boost the client’s website’s credibility in search engines.
  • We focused on delivering an excellent user experience to keep visitors engaged and returning, which can positively impact your search rankings.
  • Content writers created high-quality, valuable content that addressed the needs of the client’s target audience.
  • We compressed and resized images and minimized the use of redirects and HTTP Requests to improve page load speed.
  • The team kept the navigation simple and intuitive, aiming for clarity and easy access to essential sections.
  • The expert ensured that EtoosIndia’s website was responsive and optimized for mobile devices.


  • 80% increase in Conversion Rate
  • 57% of keywords ranking on Google 1st page
  • 200% increase in engagement

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