As a member of the marketing team at AGC Networks, I can confidently say that our collaboration with ResultFirst has been nothing short of exceptional. They have breathed new life into our digital presence with their strategic and innovative approach. The transformation of our website was not only rapid but also effective, with our conversion rate seeing a remarkable increase of 48%. Their tailored social media strategies have also resonated with our diverse audience, as evidenced by the significant surge in engagement and followers. ResultFirst’s work has undeniably been instrumental in establishing our brand authority.



AGC is a public limited global ICT solutions provider and integrator offering technology solutions in 9 international regions. The company is committed to providing security, application development, communications, network infrastructure, system integration, data center, virtualization, and enterprise applications services. AGC Networks serves customers worldwide. 

The Challenge

  • Following the website audit, we found that AGC NETWORKS required a complete website makeover that included the website's design, content, and functionality.
  • It was essential to create an impact on social media (a multi-faceted task that requires a strategic approach) to establish brand authority.
  • Determining social media efforts' return on investment (ROI) was complex, as it involved tracking metrics such as engagement, reach, conversions, and brand sentiment.
  • Content migration from a vast website to a new structure was challenging. Ensuring relevance during the move to the new structure while maintaining relevance was crucial.
  • Thorough testing was necessary to identify and rectify any issues or bugs that may arise during the makeover. This process was time-consuming but was vital to ensure a smooth user experience

Business Strategies:

  • The team transformed the 150-page website within a record-breaking three months. Our UX and SEO experts gave the website a facelift, increasing the conversion rate by 48%.
  • We implemented a responsive design to ensure the website could adapt seamlessly to various devices and screen sizes.
  • Experts conducted a thorough content audit to assess each page’s relevance, quality, and performance.
  • We created a well-organized and intuitive information architecture that makes it easy for users to navigate the website.
  • To preserve organic traffic and rankings, we properly handled redirects, maintained essential SEO elements, and avoided duplicate content


  • 48% increase in conversion rate
  • 140% improved engagement
  • 97% rise in followers

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