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what we do

ResultFirst brings together a unique amalgam of acclaimed and contemporary methodologies to create comprehensive service plans that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Invalidating the dynamics of the consistently changing web, we design sustainable and effective strategies that are resilient to all possible paradigm shifts of the future.

Our Clients

Who we serve is what makes us! Here's a list of some of our many satisfied clients.


Teradata Aster (Formerly known as AsterData) is a data management and analysis software

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Kana is a leading customer service solutions provider, known to help businesses provide

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An interactive MBA community that serves as a central point of information for

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Clickatell is a global leader in mobile messaging and transaction services, enabling its

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Dimension Data

Dimension Data is committed to maintaining highest level of compliance with industry mandates

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Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is the combination of implementing and maintaining complex SEO projects and coordinating the resources and teams involved to work proactively and effectively to drive results that positively impact revenue goals. Conventional SEO methodologies, though effective for small to medium businesses, fails to deliver for large enterprises with complex infrastructures and sites. With over a decade of experience in SEO, ResultFirst understands the importance of setting SEO performance goals that relate to the company’s business objectives and generate a high Return on Investment (ROI) as a critical step toward success in Enterprise SEO. We also understand the complexities of large enterprise web based companies and the challenges that come with managing and optimizing these sites. Whether it is managing an international presence or maintaining a large number of pages or even a network of websites that are being managed across several Content Management Systems (CMS) and technological platforms, ResultFirst has the experience to deliver and execute on a scalable SEO strategy.

Pay for Performance SEO

At ResultFirst our Pay for Performance SEO model ensures our clients only pay for SEO results and not outdated SEO tactics that show no impact to their business objectives. After all, leveraging measurable results is at the core of online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our Pay for Performance SEO model reduces the client risk by lowering the investment dollars into the SEO campaign and paying for improvements in traffic, ranking or leads only after the results have been delivered. The performance based approach can be customized to the client’s business objectives and budget. In the quickly changing landscape of organic search and the unknown element of algorithm updates that could impact your business, the Pay for Performance SEO model is your best bet for a low risk, high return on investment marketing strategy. After 10 years of serving SEO clients, our Pay for Performance model is our most popular option.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the quickest ways to grow your web traffic, web leads and positively impact your business goals. Search Engine Marketing or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can also be one of the quickest ways to implode your marketing budget if campaigns are not managed effectively. The Pay-Per-Click Management program ensures substantial improvement in your website’s visibility on the search engine result pages (SERP’s), content networks and individual websites. The improved exposure to your target audience is made possible through a combination of different channels including paid placements, paid inclusions, contextual advertising and display re-marketing. The eventual success of PPC search engine marketing campaign is reflected in the improved business results and rapid ROI that higher visibility gets you. Built on the guaranteed results through the bidding-based approach, supported by well chosen keywords, optimized landing pages and reinforced by exceptional cost-effectiveness, well planned PPC Campaign Management works as a strategic tool for promoting your business.

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"A marketing strategy can make or break any company. Successful inbound marketing can provide a rock-solid growth that you have always wanted, whereas, a poorly strategized campaign can add to the expenses."


“Putting faith in ResultFirst’ services, has been the best business step taken by us so far. Their top-class execution capabilities, experienced team and quick deliverance of results make them our top-rated, preferred, outsourced business partner.”Ronnie James Dio
Operations Head
Blog Updated on 01 Aug