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Top 8 Secrets of a Successful Business Mobile Application

Business Mobile Application

Today, we all have the power to not only access the surplus information right at our fingertips but also to interact and connect with people living across the world.

The advent of smartphones has dramatically influenced the millions of lives, and the things that made this experience even more incredible are mobile applications or apps. Take a look at the following striking information that explains the significance of mobile apps in business: (Source: DeviceAtlas)

  • Android’s market share is nearly 6x larger than iOS.
  • Around 37 percent of all website visits come through mobile devices.
  • In 2016, Mobile ad expenditure is expected to grow from $28.477 billion in 2015 to $40.241 billion.
  • Cost per install (CPI) for Android apps increased by 40 percent.

Explore more about the CPI.

No Doubt mobile app market is a big fish and in coming times, it will continue to expand. Domination of smartphones over desktops/laptops in 2015 regarding local and online searches has compelled numerous companies to believe the fact that mobiles are the future. Today, various organizations have realized the power of mobile apps, and want to leverage the same for their business. No surprise why brands don’t want to miss a single shot when it comes to reaching and targeting the mobile audience. For this, they need a mobile app that can help them boost their brand engagement, conversions, sales, and ROI.

In various cases, a business mobile application fails to perform even after spending significant amount and it won’t until you make it to.

Want to know the secrets of a successful business mobile application? Read on.

Offer Rich User Experience – Focus on Usability and simplicity

For the best interest of your business, make sure your app provides a fantastic user experience (UX). Apart from UI, usability and simplicity are the most crucial factors that make a mobile application to offer great UX to its users.

Thus, needless to create a jaw-dropping masterpiece as you are investing to make it a worthwhile for your business so that it could help you achieve your business goals. Focus to make your application offer great usability as it will give your users a clear sense that they are using an app for a reason.

Wondering, is it possible to create a mobile application that looks simple but offers great usability?

And the answer is YES. Analyze top applications like Facebook, Myntra, Amazon, and several others to find out how these apps offer rich user experience with simple UI. If you do so, certainly you will be able to create a mobile application that can do wonders for your business.

Offer Offline Experience

There are millions of mobile applications hosted on different platforms that run pretty smoothly but only when they get proper Internet access. Today, users prefer mobile applications that can provide them offline experience. In the current fast-paced world, mobile users prefer to download and save content to read them later without the Internet that is offline

If a mobile application fails to offer offline experience, then greater may be the chance that its user may uninstall it and switch to another similar app that offers the same. Content-based mobile apps like Pockets, Feedly, TechCrunch, and various others offer offline experience to users.

If you want to make your business mobile app successful, try to incorporate the feature of offline experience to allow your readers and followers to stay connected even when they can’t access the Internet. Doing so helps you sustain the zeal of your potential prospects.

Login through Social Media

You would agree that signups irritate. No one has adequate time to waste in signups or registration for using a mobile app as users consider form-filling one of the most frustrating things to do.

To make the sign ups or registration easier, provide login through social media. It simply enhances user experience, as users will be taken to the welcome screen (first activity) of the mobile application within seconds. And most importantly it saves valuable time.

However, login through social media greatly depends on users’ intent. Therefore, it is advised never to close any option. Leave them the option to connect via emails or mobile numbers.

Offer Ad-Free Experience

What irritates app users the most is unwanted ad banners inside free mobile apps. However, it is a source for developers and companies to make money for their hard work. But, as a business entity, if you want to deliver great UX to your users, make your mobile business app ad-free. In this way, you will be able to provide a great user experience.

Proper Feedback System

In the world of constant research and development, nothing seems perfect. Apps crashes are pretty common in the context of mobile applications.

By providing proper feedback system into your mobile app, you invite your app users:

  • To report bugs
  • To provide valuable suggestions for improvement
  • To make any complaint regarding bad user experience
  • To give feedback on the solved queries

Providing such interface allows you to interact with your mobile audience through your business app.

Further, it gives you an opportunity to understand the needs and queries of your users and encourage solving them to become a trustworthy business entity.

Proper feedback system empowers end users to present their opinions strongly as mobile users appreciate if they get an opportunity to express their views. For getting the feedback of your mobile users, you can provide a link to email or a button followed by a feedback form.

Embed this feature in your mobile business app to increase your credibility.

Regular Updates

Regular updates are necessarily required to get noticed in today’s online competitive space. Every update ensures end-users about improvements.

The mobile update is not a one-time process; it happens throughout the lifecycle of a mobile application. It is an opportunity to make you mobile app better for your target audience. These updates are not just about removing bugs. Instead, it gives you the chance to interact with users to understand whether they liked your new update or want any other improvements.

High Compatibility – For Flawless Performance

A successful mobile application smoothly runs on the platform it has been developed for. By making your business app highly compatible, you increase its chances of getting downloaded. So, make sure your business app fully support your chosen platform and run smoothly on all the devices with the same performance.

For Developers – Integrate Analytics

From a developer’s point of view, integration of analytics ensures excellent monitoring. It provides insights that can be used for further app improvements.

Analytics empowers business owners to keep track of users’ interests and actions to categorize and use them accordingly. Therefore, incorporate and use analytics.

Final Point

The points explained above show secrets of a successful mobile application, and if you follow these points to implement your business app, it will give a significant business advantage for sure.

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