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Why You Should Consider YouTube to Market Your Brand in 2020

Back in 2005, YouTube was established with the original purpose of making it easier for users to upload videos and post them on blogs. Shortly, it takes the digital world by storm, racking up billions of users on the platform.

As the numbers of active users keep staggering, YouTube is now more than a social network. It also becomes a potent channel for marketers to market their brand and reach a broader audience.

There are some reasonable reasons why more and more businesses at this time were utilizing the platform in a meaningful way. In this article, we’re going to break down essential reasons why YouTube is such a potent channel to market your brand in 2020.

YouTube Business Statistics 2020 Every Marketer Need to Know

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it’s crucial to know the latest YouTube statistics to give you more confidence in using this platform as your marketing channel in 2020.

More than a decade after it was established, YouTube now has at least 2 billion monthly active users and has become the most popular online video-sharing platform.

About 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute, while over one billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day.

Along with all of those numbers, marketers can take advantage of the fact that 90% of target customers discover new products or brands on YouTube.

Today, more than 62% of businesses in all sizes have been using YouTube as their marketing channel. By 2020, YouTube advertising revenues amounted to an estimated 5.5 billion dollars, in the U.S alone.

YouTube for Marketing Channel: How Necessary Is It?

With all the fascinating numbers on the statistics above, there must be no real reason why you shouldn’t be using it for your marketing channel.

However, just in case those massive numbers aren’t enough to convince you of the power associated with YouTube as a potent marketing channel, here are five worth-considering reasons:

1. Internet Users Are Hooked On Online Videos

We live in an era of immediacy where internet users prefer to watch a quick, easy-to-digest solution to solve their problem. This is what makes watching online videos become a meaningful part of their online experience.

The online video consumption keeps doubling every year, making it a favorite type of content on social media. More than 92% of internet users watch videos online every month. It means that over 4 billion online populations worldwide are consuming online video.

Look at the chart below to get more convinced:

Today, at least 55% of internet users watch online videos on their day-to-day basis. And at least 64% of potential customers watch a product video before they purchase it.

As the most popular online video-sharing platform, YouTube is considered a mainstay place for watching their favourite videos.

It means putting your video content on YouTube gives your brand a higher chance to get discovered by a larger audience that can convert into loyal customers.

2. YouTube —- Second-Largest Search Engine Worldwide

You sure know Google ranks first for the largest search engine worldwide. But do you know what ranks second? It’s YouTube.

YouTube users account for about  45% of the world’s internet users, making it a crucial tool for branding.

With 3.9 billion searches per month, it helps you to reach a higher rank for specific keywords and search queries. That way, you can seamlessly reach your target customers like never before.

3. Boost Your Brand’s Online Presence

YouTube videos rank well in Google, really well. Despite being an extremely high authority site, YouTube is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Google. That means if your potential customers type specific keywords on Google, your YouTube video (that have the same keywords) has a higher chance to appear on the search results.

This ability of videos to get prime placement in Google’s search results can also drive a significant source of organic traffic to your website.

Combined with the two elements above, there’s an active market that holds tremendous potential for you to tap into. All of it leads to stronger online exposure, which is crucial for outbound marketing since it reinforces your brand to your target customers.

4. More Engagement, More Loyal Customers

Telling your brand’s story through YouTube videos is the kind of advertisement your potential customers prefer. It might sound harsh, but most of your customers are less likely to care about the product you are selling unless it can help solve their problem and make their lives better.

Look at the result of Google’s study below:

Most of the respondents say that they are most likely to watch YouTube videos to solve the problem with their work or hobbies.

That’s why the art of storytelling in a YouTube video can grab their attention and boost your bottom line. More than 70% of YouTube users are engaging with content creators and channels of their favourite brands that they find relatable.

It’s a green light for your brand to build a more emotional level with your potential consumers. It will create more interest, curiosity, and excitement about your brand by telling relatable problems and how your brand is the solution.

You can also use the comment sections, do live-streaming videos,  or post a Story to interact with your audiences and boost the engagement directly.

With this high engagement rate, it makes it easier for you to build loyal and dedicated customers through a YouTube channel.

5. High Accessibility

Another reason why you should consider YouTube as your marketing channel is its accessibility. Your potential customers can access the platform on the go, when they’re on their commute to work or while sipping their morning coffee.

YouTube reports that a total of 70% watch time comes from mobile devices. This incredible accessibility makes YouTube responsible for more than 37% of worldwide mobile internet traffic. Look at the statistics below:

As users can access YouTube videos anywhere and anytime, it makes it easier for you to broaden the awareness of your brand in a way that’s never before possible.

To get the advantage of this accessibility, make sure your YouTube videos have:

  • Catchy thumbnails
  • Compelling titles
  • Subtitles or closed captions (CC)
  • Audio descriptions
  • Transcripts

Those elements above don’t only help you to make your YouTube videos more accessible, but also increase your click-through rate and gain more views.

Final Thoughts

It might be a pretty bold assumption to say that YouTube has changed how people consume content. Still, it is hard to ignore the impact that this video streaming platform has had in defining current pop culture on a global scale.

As YouTube sits as a titan platform for videos at the epicenter of digital transformation, using it as your marketing channel offers you tons of benefits. It allows you to increase brand awareness, broaden the reach to your potential customers, and drive more traffic to your website. All of these benefits help your brand generate additional sales.

With billions of YouTube users, your target customers are already there, why aren’t you?

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