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How to Improve Ranking of Online Betting Sites on SERP?

According to the American Gaming Association, Americans illegally wager approximately USD 150 Billion on sports every year. But all that has changed from May 14, 2018.

The US Supreme Court has repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PSPA-1992) which forbids states from authorizing betting on sports games. It has opened a massive opportunity for online betting sites as the Americans will now be able to bet on sports without worrying about the legitimacy of sports betting.

How Can Online Betting Sites Tap This Opportunity?
The Answer: Be Where The Bettors Search For!

It means that those sites that are on the first page of search results will have a definitive advantage. But that’s not an easy thing to achieve due to extremely high competition, and hardly any organic online coverage. The digital marketing strategy has to be focused on the bettors, and it is where SEO helps.

First: Create Web Pages That Meets the Bettor’s Needs

Bettors want to start quickly, and your site has to cater to their needs fast.

Example: Keep Homepage Title as Keyword

Bettors search for “Best Online Betting Website” on Google as he is looking to sign up immediately.

For improved SERP, you can have the homepage title which mentions it and then you can mention other things like signup bonus and other things on the homepage.

Best Online Betting Website

In the same way, if a bettor searches for “sportsbook” your site should on the first page of SERP.

bettor searches for sportsbook

Second: Optimize JavaScript and Improve Rendering Speed

If you are using JavaScripts on the site, Googlebot may not be able to crawl the content that’s in the script. What’s the solution?

Use dynamic rendering, which will ensure that users see one thing and the bots other. In this way, the bots will be able to crawl the content that is embedded in the script. The dynamic rendering tools commonly used are:

Third: Serve the Need of the Bettor across Its Journey

You need to figure out what your potential bettor look for and then serve them throughout their site journey. When bettors search for something, the first thing that they see is the page title. You have to lure him into starting their sign-up journey from it. It serves as your “small text ad” as it will be the very first interaction with a potential new bettor.

Example: Page Title as Text Ad and Description
Bettor Searches: “Best Sportsbook Online for Sports Betting” and your site appears on top

Bettor Searches: “Popular Live Online Casino Table Games,” and your site appears on top.

page Title as Text Ad and DescriptionFourth: Improve the Click-through Rate

Once a bettor searches for a keyword, all the results are displayed on the SERPs. If your target is appearing on the first page, the next thing you will want is ‘clicks.’ The aim is to get a high number of clicks from the SERP. There are many ways to do it:

  • Clickbait headlines
  • Use of Numbers
  • Using other visually appealing elements

You need to find out what is most clickable and make a list of the most inviting words. You will have to test, change, learn, and improve until the best results follow.

Fifth: Boost Page Load Time

Google includes page-load speed as a ranking factor in mobile-first indexing. It means if your site is slow as compared to the key competitors, you would not be able to outrank them. Use these tools to find out where you stand in comparison to your competitors.

Sixth: Add Unique Content to Pages

The content on the web-page has to be unique and free from plagiarism. It has to be appealing and informative to the bettors as only such content will increase the engagement.

You might consider giving details of odds and bonuses and other promises that you have to make to the visitor.

Seventh: Build Links and Many of Them

The site needs to have thousands of links. You can find out how many links the competitors get every month and try to build more and better ones. You can use the various link research tools to this end.

  • Majestic
  • Link Research Tools

Eighth: Reach Your End Goal

All the KPIs should aim to reach your end goal, i.e., revenue. You need to take the needed steps to reach that goal, and each step needs strategic planning and investment.

The SEO improvements lead the better ranking. It increases traffic and increases the signup and boosts revenue.

At the Last

While these are a few steps to improve ranking and reach the goal, there are a few do’s and don’ts that will help:


  • Build the brand through social media
  • Create a mailing list for personal reach
  • Updated blog on the site
  • Link to influencers
  • Build a responsive site or mobile device site


  • Try to buy followers
  • Link to Spams Sites or Link farms

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