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ResultFirst addressed our issues head-on, transforming our URL structure into an SEO-friendly format, rewriting our titles and descriptions, and adding compelling calls-to-action. They also improved our page load speed, added supportive content, and fixed broken links. The impact has been nothing short of spectacular. We’ve seen a surge in organic sessions by 355% and total conversions by 98.81%. Our most successful keyword is now twice as effective, and we’ve seen an impressive increase in our top-ranking keywords. ResultFirst’s work has played an instrumental role in enhancing our website’s visibility and performance.


About Forms.Legal

Forms.Legal is in the business of making the legal process easy. The company offers customizable legal documents free of charge. Users can create, print, and download customized legal contracts, documents, and forms by simply signing up on the website. 

Some Competitive
Keywords in the Program

  • louisiana separation agreement form
  • free Last Will and Testament Nebraska
  • nc legal separation agreement form
  • Free Alaska Commercial Lease Agreement
  • Free Idaho Quitclaim Deed Form

The Challenge

  •  High Bounce Rate on the Website: After a thorough analysis, we uncovered a concerning issue with the client's firm's website: a remarkably high bounce rate.
  • Non-SEO Friendly Website URLs : Our SEO team found that non-SEO-friendly URLs were among the causes of low organic traffic, poor rankings, low CTR, poor UX, lost conversions and sales  
  • Insufficient call-to-action: We also discovered that the website lacked proper call-to-actions and it required immediate changes.
  • Non-Optimized Keywords: The team detected that the keywords were not optimized on the client’s website which led to low rank and organic traffic.

Business Strategies:

  • Landing Page Optimization: Our experts optimized landing pages by creating compelling headlines, using quality images, videos, and adding persuasive CTAs.
  • Content Development & Optimization: SEO team created content strategies, such as where to publish, what it should be included, and how it should be presented.
  • Improvement in Page Load Speed: RF team improved website loading time by compressing images, using caching, minimizing code and choosing a performance-optimized hosting solution.
  • Removed Low-Quality Spam Backlinks: We also deleted low quality backlinks and enhanced the website’s credibility with outstanding content, visually appealing infographics, and partnership with bloggers for high-quality link creation.


  • 150% improved website traffic
  • 200% increase in top-ranked keywords
  • 50% keyword growth boosted site visibility.

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