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I want to express my sincere appreciation for ResultFirst’s exceptional work. As the Head of Marketing, I witnessed the remarkable impact their strategy had on our business. ResultFirst delivered a highly effective homepage redesign, maintaining our SEO presence while significantly improving conversions. Their expertise in benchmarking, long page design, and SEO-friendly content was evident in the outstanding results achieved. With A/B testing, we identified impactful elements that led to a captivating new home page. The outcomes were exceptional: 80% keywords ranked on Google’s first page, a remarkable 148% increase in organic traffic, and a fully responsive web design. ResultFirst exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend them as a strategic partner for online success.



PSC Biotech™, which was established in 1996, has spent more than two decades providing vital services to the life sciences industry. They guarantee that healthcare products are created, produced, and distributed to the highest standards and in accordance with all relevant regulatory requirements.  

The Challenge

  • No Digital Presence - We discovered that Biotech wasn’t ranking in the top positions of major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Also, the client wasn’t doing any branding activities.
  • Highly Competitive Industry - The industry was highly competitive, and some of the industry giants were ranking in Google's top 10 positions. They had occupied the top 10 positions in paid search.
  • Poor UI/UX - Our SEO experts found that the client’s website was not SEO-friendly. The website URL contained special characters and session ID. Also, they were not indexed on Google.
  • Poor Page Load Speed - The page load speed of the website was very low, which was a huge blow to the client’s potential customers.

Business Strategies

  • Page Load Speed Improvement: Our team made some amazing changes (compressed images, used caching, and minimized code) to the client’s website so that they load in less time.
  • Increased Digital Presence: As the PSC BIOTECH had a limited digital presence, we created proper strategies like, regular social media updates, optimized content with target keywords, and shared success stories.
  • UI/UX Design & URL Structure: At ResultFirst, we prioritized maintaining the UI/UX & URL structure to ensure user-friendliness and customer retention and minimized the negative impact on SEO.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Our experts redesigned the landing page, added mobile-friendly features, decreased loading speed and created eye catchy visuals to attract the reader’s mind.


  • 98% of keywords on Google's first-page ranking
  • 70% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • Improve 18% Conversions rate

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