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Post By Abhyudaya Tripathi 21 April 2017 ~ 0 Comments

SEO Metrics: What Is Beyond Rank Tracking?


Ever found yourself tracking your website rank every day and obsessing over it? Breathe. Rank tracking is not all you have got to measure your SEO success. Keyword ranking is one of the over emphasized metrics to measure the success of an SEO campaign.  Yes, you have to ensure that keywords are regularly tracked for […]

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Post By Abhyudaya Tripathi 14 April 2017 ~ 0 Comments

6 Creative Easter Day Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas

Easter is one of the most important days for Christians. It is celebrated to mark the resurrection of Jesus from the subsequent dead crucifixion. The revival marks the victory of good over evil, sin, death and the physical body. The festival always falls on Sunday between March 22 and April 25. The festival may have […]

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Post By Ruchi Pardal 07 April 2017 ~ 1 Comment

5 Best Memorial Day Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas for Small Business

Memorial Day commemorates those who have died while servicing the country. It was originally called as “Decoration Day.”  The day was first celebrated by General James Garfield, who delivered a speech to 5000 people as attendees. They decorated the graves of the martyred US soldiers. Every year, the day is celebrated on last day of […]

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Post By Ruchi Pardal 31 March 2017 ~ 17 Comments

The Best Way to Tackle Google Fred Update

The “Fred” Update is yet another bold move by the search engine giant Google that has shaken the entire Internet. This time, it is for low-valued content websites that are primarily focused on making money from Google AdSense. According to SISTRIX, every year, there are more than 600 updates by Google. Apparently, announcing all them […]

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Post By Mansha Chauhan 29 March 2017 ~ 8 Comments

Employee Retention and Skill Development in the Digital Marketing Environment- Why and How?

Some businesses are continuously vying for the best talent, and there are some who have the mindset that every employee is replaceable. Although, a business can do away with any person irrespective of his or her position, but does such a mindset hold true in today’s highly competitive environment? How will a business fill the gap […]

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Post By Abhyudaya Tripathi 24 March 2017 ~ 1 Comment

7 Best Earth Day Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas Ever

Every year, Earth day is celebrated on April 22. US Senator Gaylord Nelson founded the day. He was deeply moved by the oil spill of 1969 in Santa Barbara, California and to move the world to a healthy, sustainable, environment, he formed a small organization which included a representative from the media as well. His […]

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