8 Things to Double Check Before Your Website Launch

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Creating a website can seem technical and overwhelming. You want to create a website that will communicate your message, portray your brand positively, and still look remarkable. You also need a website that works. Creating a checklist to help you create a website is a simple way to make the process of building a site easier to plan, pool resources, and almost fun! This article looks at all the things you will need to build a functional, aesthetic website:

Domain Name

A domain name is the first thing you need to work on when building your website. It will be the digital address that people use to access your site. It will also be what people remember your brand by, often. Many domain name providers exist that will gladly offer you a domain name for around $10-$20 per year. While choosing a domain name, consider taking a name that is simple, easy to remember, not too long, obviously not vulgar, and one that has no numbers.

Website security

Security is critical for a successful website. You will need to have features in place to protect your website visitors from the man-in-the-middle, phishing attacks, especially if you plan to sell products through your website or accepting the payments. To avoid this situation, the first security to obtain is an SSL certificate to encrypt data transmissions between your site visitors and your website’s servers. Now, the second question would pop up in your mind is the cost and availability. No worry! SSL industry is expanding and there are multiple providers and one of them is SSL2BUY. You can count it and can get Cheap SSL Certificate from SSL2BUY.

A business email address

If you are building a website for business use or a blog, a business email is a must. These emails are far more professional than a free email address. They improve your corporate image and make you appear more of an authority in your chosen field. Having this email on your website is far better and will make your products and services seem more reliable.

Choose a website builder

A website builder is a software or service you use to develop your website. When choosing a website builder, determine what your needs are priorities are. If you want functionality over appearance, for example, site builder will work best. You will need a different site builder compared if appearance comes first, like BigCommerce. Different site builders also offer various packages (monthly charges), themes, features, flexibility, and other aspects.

Choose a website hosting service

A hosting service will provide space on which your website will exist online. If someone tries to access your site, their browser seeks your website’s content from your web host. As traffic to your website increases, you may have to pay more for hosting services. You can obtain four types of hosting:

  • Free hosting: This type is provided by website builders and lets you design your site via drag and drop. These website builders handle all the web hosting technicalities and charge it to your monthly fees.
  • Shared hosting: Here, you will share a server with other websites. You can start with this option, and then as your website and brand get more recognition, you can advance to VPS hosting.
  • VPS hosting: Where you will share a server with other sites but can handle more traffic
  • Dedicated hosting: This solution is best suited for large corporations and government institutions where you get a server all for your website.

Choosing a website theme/template

A template is a ready-made design for your website’s interface. These designs help you to select a website appearance quickly without having to incur website designer’s costs. When starting your website, selecting a template is a more economical approach; you still have no idea what your audience would like to see on your website. As soon as you have real feedback from site visitors, you can choose to spend some real cash on a design your site visitors will love.

Most website builders (WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace) give you access to a wide range of themes which you can test and edit via drag and drop that are free or paid. Others like Weebly provide you with access to the code to let you add some CSS as you see fit.

Choose a logo

A logo is an image that clients will associate your brand with and should be on your website. You can avail custom logo design services to get professional, minimalist, and elegant logo in minutes. Some logo generator services have paid packages who can design logo in High Definition. Alternatively, you can have a graphic designer create one for you at a cost.


If you are interested in growing your website traffic over time, then you need to consider getting SEO for your website right from the start. Some of the tools you require are data analytics that helps you understand the behavior of your site visitors. This data is critical in helping you make suitable alterations to your site to suit your visitor’s preferences.


This simple checklist will help you pool all the things you need to build a remarkable, robust website. There are plenty of reliable tools and services that will give you everything you need for a functional website.

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