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7 eCommerce Design Trends & Predictions For 2016

eCommerce Web Design Trends 2016

Over a decade, eCommerce world has shown outstanding growth. With the emergence of eCommerce sites like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, the game of online business have been entirely changed and set new trends in the eCommerce industry. eCommerce is not just about buying or selling of products and services as it involves a complete process to run a business online.

This industry has seen several significant changes in the year 2015 as we have noticed that the customers prefer to visit only those sites that offer them with simple UIs because it makes several processes easier regarding sign-ins, payments, and sign-outs. Well, the success of an eCommerce stores hidden in the way it allows customers to get engaged with its website. Modern eCommerce design provides users easiness with familiarity as it often happens when a visitor visit a site and quits it quickly just because of intricate designs. Read this article as it will highlight hottest design trends that eCommerce stores is likely to give a shot in 2016.

Simplified and Featured Home Page

Design matters a lot and has to play a crucial part to support an eCommerce sites. For leaving great impression and impact on the minds of the online audiences, simplifying the home page is the key. Featuring top products on the home page in a simplified manner is a best practice that eCommerce stores did in the year 2015 and will continue to do in the present year 2016 for attracting and engaging online buyers. This is the one among the several trends that are extensively followed by the online stores.

Incorporation of Card Designs

Among several designs ideas in 2016, one is to use card layouts on your website. A card design often consists of interactive images with some catchy lines that coerce users to at least pay attention towards the message that online store wants to convey. These design models have proved helpful in improving the overall user experience in online shopping. The great features of Google’s material design enable designers to make card designs one of the latest website design trends. Designers simply integrate card layouts to the websites to make it more eye-catching and trendy.

To see an inspiration, how well the card designs can contribute to a website then you can visit the online store Modcloth.


Pop-Ups Advertising

No one likes Pop-ups, not me and not even you. We all know that these pop-ups advertisements create disturbances while shopping on online stores. However, several techniques have been implemented by web browsers to block these kinds of pop-ups that are often called as interrupts. Interestingly, it is being expected that these pop-ups are going to make a comeback on eCommerce sites. Companies consider these pop-ups advertisement as one of the most practical and useful marketing tools. Don’t worry, it will not be a huge concern because hopefully, this time, these pop-ups will be well-designed and offering you some discounts for joining an email list or following some social media profiles.

For instance, you can visit at Dodocase’s website that welcomes you with a pop-up offering the discount on your first purchase.


Enlarged Category List & Navigation

With every passing year, this industry has seen several changes in the design approach. One of the best design trends that already rule in the last year and is being expected to continue in the current year 2016 is the enlarged category list and navigation design. The category list and navigation design have to play a critical role because these are things that an online user first notices. These two things are equally important because a proper and careful design can help you to attract and target more audience. For instance, if a buyer does not find their products in the relevant and expected category then he/she will lose interest immediately from the site and continuous bouncing from your site will lead your business towards failures.

Take the example of the Macy’s website that facilitates their buyers with excellent category list and navigation design.


Dynamic Product Descriptions

Dynamic product descriptions will be one of the significant eCommerce design trends in the year 2016. Various factors such as price, quantity, material, pics, feedbacks, colors, and many more are taken into the account while describing a product on a website. For dynamically presenting the products on the site, designers have to put all these desired information in a careful way so that design looks perfect and informative instead of looking messy. Moreover, along with descriptions, online buyers will get the functionality to view the products at different angles to judge and identify the products in a reliable manner. Presenting information in a clear way will enhance the trust factor in the minds of the buyers that compel them to buy the products.

For better understanding, you should visit Zappos that offers great product views and highlights every single detail along with its benefits.

Zappos Product Description

Excellent Filtration  

Online shopping offer users to explore a broad range of options that they usually do not get from visiting physical stores. In the year 2016, we can expect to have an excellent filtration option design. Filtration gives the real power to the users by allowing them to narrow down their product search as per their requirements and budget. This functionality is the most critical part of any online shop that needs to be designed in a careful manner. For providing distinction in design, web designers always come up with different design ideas.

For illustration, you can visit Etsy. This beautiful eCommerce site offers a search bar with auto-complete feature that displays sorted results along with great filter options.


Extensive Use of Videos & Graphics

We all know that watching videos and graphics are easier than reading a text. Last year, you would have noticed that companies were preferring videos and graphics to integrate on to their websites to make design highly creative and engaging. For an instance, to boost the sale of a newly launched smartphones, eCommerce sites put videos and supporting graphics to create a beautiful design that highlights the features of that smartphone. You can consider it as a modern design approach that is likely to continue in the current year 2016 as well.

Once again, the Zappos is a good website to see the use of videos and graphics.

Zappos Videos

In the End

Innovation is the key to surviving in today’s dynamic and evolving business environment. The points mentioned above will contribute some help if you are an eCommerce SEO company or a web design professional.

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