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Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan for 2016

B2B Digital Marketing Plan

If you are a business owner, then being proactive with your B2B marketing plan is pretty crucial to your company. In the race of competition, everyone is putting his or her best efforts to emerge as a winner.

So, do you have any B2B digital marketing strategy for this year? Have you planned something for your digital marketing strategy?

If no, then let me tell you one thing, executing the business process without any plan is like running nowhere and it will not only end up in fiasco but also can put your business in trouble. Two months have gone but still there are ten long months to go in this year, so don’t feel worried if you have no plans yet. In this write-up, I’ll explain how you can create a successful B2B digital marketing plan for your business, and I am sure that after knowing all the facts you will feel prepared for the next ten months.

Digital Marketing is a big fish as the modern day marketing entirely hinges on it. Further, there are numerous coveted companies around the world relying on the same for marketing their business.

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Before getting into the details of creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan for 2016, take a look at how the things unfolded in 2015:

B2B Digital Marketing 2015: In a Flash

Here, I am presenting some stats to show how Digital Marketing fared in 2015 in a flash.

(Source: SmartInsights)

  • One-third of businesses planned to introduce “Digital Transformation Program.”
  • Content Marketing in 2015 generated three times leads and cost 62 percent less.
  • 73 percent of B2B marketers used videos as an important content marketing tactic.
  • 71 percent of companies increased their digital marketing budgets.
  • One out of every two enterprises relied on digital marketing but without any plan.

Additionally, last year, we saw a massive growth and changes in the digital marketing industry, which reflects the influence of mobile, content, email, and location-based marketing.

B2B Digital Marketing In 2016: What’s next?

Well, New Year brings new opportunities along with new spirit. I hope this year you will remove all your marketing flaws and will put your plans into work the way you want. So, make this year worthwhile by providing critical tweaks to your plan so that you could beat your competitors to make an impact on the market.

Taking business to the next level is not a game that can be won overnight; instead, you need to dig in deep to find ways to get ahead in all aspects. So, you cannot even ignore a single tactic that comes into the arena of digital marketing.

Let’s check out the points that you need to work on to create a successful B2B digital marketing strategy for 2016.

Content Marketing – Provides a Firm Base

Being the integral part of digital marketing, “content” is the most crucial factor that you must include while drafting your B2B digital marketing plan for 2016.

“The more you tell, the more you sell,” a famous proposition fits perfect in the case of content marketing. In the year 2016, lead generation will heavily hinge on the way you execute your content marketing strategy.

This year we expect an extensive use of videos and infographics as companies have realized their real power to attract attentions of clients. Thus, you too need to work hard to create quality and actionable content whether in the form of text, graphics, or video along with call-to-action (CTA) buttons to compel potential clients to take actions.

PPC (Paid Marketing) – Provides Instant Results

PPC is one of the most crucial techniques of digital marketing that deliver immediate results. Further, it is being estimated that companies are all set to spend $59 billion by 2018 for digital ads that involve mobile searches, and it indicates, in future times, PPC will be on the boom.

Mobile searches are dominating over desktops and laptops; so, don’t forget to target mobile audience. The advent of smartphones has totally changed the game of PPC; thus, have mobile PPC on your radar while marketing your business.

Mobile Marketing – A New Destination for Marketers

Mobile is the future and searches through smartphones already surpassed desktops and laptops. Thus, mobile marketing will grab the center stage, and targeting mobile audiences will become the first preference for companies.

Google has already announced that mobile-friendliness will be an important ranking factor, which pushes businesses to adopt a mobile-friendly website approach. Due to emphasize on mobile internet sites, companies will have to focus more on enhancing user experience (UX) for mobile-oriented sites and attain higher conversion rates. Thus, no wonder that in 2016, mobile marketing will play a big role in the digital marketing strategy of various companies.

App Store Optimization – Boost Your Mobile App Ranking

ASO has emerged with the advent of smartphones and mobile applications. It focuses on the process of improving mobile app ranking in app stores.

There was a time when having a website was enough for online presence. However, today, the level of competition has compelled companies to adopt several measures to stay ahead in the game, which simply throws the need for having a business application for mobile phones–particularly smartphones. So, if you own a mobile app for your business, then you should include ASO in your digital marketing plan for attaining high rankings for your mobile app.

Email Marketing – Conventional but Effective

You might have listened that Email Marketing is nearly dead, but that is not the case. One has to admit the fact that email marketing is still an effective part of digital marketing and can assist companies in gaining good online presence.

If you choose to ignore its importance, you have missed out on its outstanding business benefits. A famous proverb fits perfect in this situation “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take”. So, keep email marketing on your radar for getting exceptional results for your business.

To get in-depth details about email marketing, you can visit this link. This link highlights fascinating information about email marketing.

Search Engine Optimization – To Attain High Rankings

SEO is the most critical part of digital marketing which ensures success. If you are expecting a long time sustainable result, then SEO can be your reliable partner, but it should be executed with the right approach. Without including SEO, your digital marketing plan will be incomplete. You should not miss a single shot for the best interest of your business. Among different forms of SEO, Local SEO will be crucial this year.

In 2016, it will be a significant challenge for companies to create a balance between creating valuable content for visitors while ensuring it is optimized for web crawlers. Additionally, the introduction of voice-based search on mobile devices throws massive challenges in keyword search and SEO on the whole.

Social Media Marketing – Boosts Brand and Conversion Rates

Social media marketing has completely changed the approach to modern day marketing. Without having a presence on Facebook and twitter, you will not be able to achieve what you ever wanted.

Every platform has its dedicated group of users, and it may prove a game-changer for your business. Social media platforms empower companies and marketers to promote brands, engage potential buyers, generate and convert leads for maximizing business revenue. Thus, a powerful social media strategy will complement your digital marketing strategy.

Summing Up

All the above-mentioned points are the subsets of digital marketing. Thus, ignoring any of them may hinder your success for sure. Everyone is dreaming to rank on top, but only a few can reach there. Make your actions speak louder than words, be a smart marketer and start following these points.

I hope you will like this post; your suggestions are most welcome. So, don’t forget to drop your valuable comments below.

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