10 Fantastic Marketing Tools to Beat Competitors Online

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You need to invest in online marketing whether you are a small or big business. The word ‘investment’ makes you think about plenty of dollars to invest in your business to reap benefits. To your surprise, marketing online can be easier than you think.

Plus, it doesn’t always need investment for marketing purposes, thanks to the availability of various online free tools. You need to know that following online marketing tools boost lead, revenues, conversions and let your business reaches new heights.


Just like responsive web design, using social media marketing tools can do wonders for your brand too. You need to find the ones like Buffer that cater to your needs. When it comes to selling goods through social channels, it gets difficult to update several profiles at once. That is where Buffer comes into the play.

It lets you manage posts for all your social media accounts from a single dashboard. Isn’t it cool? Most importantly, it will allow you to track analytics on one platform as well to learn about the posts that are performing well on your social media. Tools like these are necessary to learn which type of content your audience wants to see and which kinds of posts remain unengaged.

Google Alerts

Do you want to know which channel is driving traffic to your website? Simply opt for Google Alerts. This tool has made tracking site traffic handy and quick. For example, whenever your brand name or keywords you have been using, are mentioned, it will send a notification.

 It will help you focus on the platforms that are working for you so you can improve the performance.

Google Alerts let you find which platforms aren’t performing well. Therefore, you can work on those channels too. Most importantly, this powerful tool is free to use.


Not to mention, keeping track of your several business-related posts is time-consuming. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to take help from Meltwater.

This innovative tool uses real-time and Al-driven analytics to optimize your marketing endeavors. Not only this, Meltwater provides information about your competitor’s marketing performance. It tracks their trends along with best performing keywords in real-time.


The simple yet powerful content scheduling tool, Tailwind can do a great job for you. You can use it if you have a strong presence of Pinterest and Instagram. With Tailwind, you can perform the following function quite easily.

  • Image upload in bulk
  • Handy drag and drop calendar
  • Hashtag lists
  • Multi-board pinning and pin looping

The benefits of Tailwind aren’t restricted here. If you have been using Instagram and Pinterest for marketing, you might understand by now that engagement is crucial for success on these platforms.

So, Tailwind allows you to schedule your post according to the time when your audience is most active.


Keeping an eye on your social media presence is necessary but at the same, this process can be overwhelming. So, you need to automate and a streamlined procedure to keep all social media activities on track. Mention has made the task quite handy for you. This tool helps you in competitive analysis, brand management, social media management and listening.


If Twitter is included in your marketing campaign, you can use TweetDeck to manage the process. This free tool comes with a variety of features and is simple to use as well. Moreover, many marketers find twitter useful when it comes to executing various campaigns, if you think the same; TweetDeck is available to help you.

Facebook Audience Insights

You can use the Facebook Audience Insights tool to get inside information about your target audience. With this free tool, you would be able to find important details about your competitor’s audience as well.

This will help you in:

  • Finding age, gender, education, lifestyle and job role of your audience
  • The top pages your audience likes and follow
  • The language and location of the followers
  • The time duration they give to Facebook
  • It provides information about purchasing behavior and methods as well


Using the right keywords doesn’t only boost your ranking on the search engine but it helps in conducting marketing campaigns too. That is why we have incorporated the tool SpyFu on the list. It lets you find profitable keywords that the rival brand uses. So, you can spot new PPC and SEO opportunities. SpyFu allows you to access content and backlinks that might help them to outrank you. So, once you get the necessary information, you can devise a solid strategy.

Sales Navigator

This neat social media tool allows you to monitor social media platforms and activity in your Gmail ID. Sale Navigator saves time and hassle that often come with using different marketing tools. Once you get the information in your inbox, you can use it to improve and strengthen your network. Plus, if you meet certain criteria, you can qualify for a free trial.

Google PageSpeed Insights

As a marketer, you must learn the page loading time of the website. For example, you need to know its conversion and bounce rate as it helps in generating revenue. That is where Google PageSpeed Insights come into play. It lets you access the real-time analysis of your website and its speed. This free tool also analyzes the content you have posted on a certain web page. If required, this tool will also suggest making the page run faster.

Considering today’s competitive market, you must learn about various online marketing tools for maximum yet instant benefit. These tools are often easy-to-use and help your business reach new heights of success.

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