Can You Disavow Out of Penguin?

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If your website is also facing the brunt of the latest updates by Google, then you must be looking for ways to either remove the unnatural links, or trying to figure a way out with the Google’s disavow tool. In this post, we will focus on the most frequently asked question – ‘Can You Disavow out of Penguin?’ And figure out the possibilities.


Penguin Update

Google has come up with the Penguin update to catch sites that were considered spamming the search results, especially the ones that were buying links via link networks primarily designed to boost Google rankings. This made Google supress the rankings of such websites.

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If you wish to escape from the clutches of Penguin, then you need to:

Once the site is free from unnatural links and is good enough, it will be ranked again after the reassessment.

Removing the Links

If the unnatural links can be taken off by a manual action, then it is important that you make an effort towards it and remove every self-made or purchased links from the site. After making the efforts to remove all the links, you nay use the disavow tool and request Google to disregard the remaining unnatural links pointing towards your website.

Disavow Links

Whenever you submit a disavow request, Google automatically processes the request and tags the links that are pointing at your site; this works just like having a nofollow tag on them. In simpler terms, it acts as if these links are actually not pointing at your site for the purpose of link counting.

Since most people use links as votes for their websites, using the disavow tool actually tell Google that you no longer want those votes to be counted towards your ranking. Once you send the request, it is an automatic process and Google takes several weeks until the links are disavowed.

Disavow even helps you in removing algorithmic penalties from your website. These penalties are automatically imposed on a website without any human review. Google simply means that your site has done something wrong. In order to remove this penalty, you are required to clean up the links and for that you can use the disavow tools.

Bottom Line

Though it takes time to see any change, we still feel the tool is of a great help if your site has suffered algorithmic penalty or has some unnatural links pointing to it.




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