What Future Holds For Email Marketing: At Glance

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Email Marketing Future

The emergence of several web-based technologies has changed the face of conventional Email Marketing. The World saw a time when many experts began to say that the days of email marketing is over and if you think the same, then take a look at these impressive stats:

Evolution of smartphones has given rebirth to Email Clients. And, if you don’t believe, then check out the percentage of emails that are frequently opened on smartphones.

Emails frequently opened on smartphones

Image source: capterra.com

According to Litmus, till 2011, mobiles accounted for just 8 percent of email access. While till 2015, it has increased to 55 percent. Thus, no wonder, mobile is the future for email marketing.

Marketers who personalized emails’ subject lines see 26 percent more opens. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

As per EmailStatCenter.com, US consumers interact with about 11 brands, on a daily basis through emails.

Conversion rates through emails are three times higher than social media. (Source: McKinsey & Company)

According to Convince and Convert, 44 percent of consumers made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional mail.

Emails are the great ways to generate leads as 72 percent of consumers sign up for emails to get discount benefits. (Source: BlueHornet)

Email marketing returns $44.25 for every $1 expended. So, want to give it a try? Get in touch with us through our contact form.

Email marketing, for its efficiency and low cost will continue to be the top priority of companies and marketing professionals. To access more interesting facts, you can visit this link.

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Having highlighted some striking information about email marketing, let’s see what future holds for it.

Mobile Devices: Highly Preferred Source to Access Emails

Regarding information searches, mobile has taken over traditional desktops, laptops, and even tabs. On the top of that, the graphic mentioned above portrays that email marketing will continue to be a critical tactic of digital marketing.

The proliferation of cloud-based mobile apps has made accessing emails more interesting and unique. As business people with the aid of these apps can access their important emails from any location and any device.

Personalization Will Grab Center Stage

Technological advancement has opened new perspectives for business organizations. Now, companies look more focused on creating personalized content for emails. Modern day email marketing campaign heavily relies on buyer-centric and real-time content.

Days of blasting irrelevant emails are gone as it has stopped garnered any effective results for the businesses. It’s an era of real-time email that allows companies to reach their potential buyers with the right offer, at the right time, and at the right place.

Well, personalization in this context refers to target audience with the things they need the most. In other words, it’s you who need to align your emails with the taste, preference, and focus of your audience.

Further, companies who do personalization and real-time email shooting have high chances of business conversion. Therefore, in the future times, personalization will be highly preferred by corporations.

Interactive Emails

Email marketing enables companies to take their potential buyers to their intended landing pages. Apart from providing same dull black color blocks of text, give your recipients something interesting and interactive.

To make a great impression, try to add some animations and rollovers to prompt them read your emails in a fun way. Thus, it is advised to make your emails interactive, give your buyers some links to open, some graphics to look, and some videos to watch so that they can feel more excited about your brand and want to stay connected.

By making your emails interactive, you are more likely to convert your recipients into promising prospects.  Interactive emails ensure higher click-through rate, traffic, and conversion rate.

A New Way to Fuel Content Marketing

Several coveted companies worldwide use emails to fuel their content marketing. To capture email ID, companies, bloggers, content marketers use pop-ups on their website in which they ask to enter name and email ID to subscribe newsletters. People who persistently follow blogs, articles, infographics, or any content in any form never feel hesitate to subscribe to stay alert with the latest news, market bustles, and other crucial information.

Thus, email marketing offers the most economical and fruitful ways to boost content marketing.

Businesses Leverage Emails to Offer Great UX

Today, the internet is piled up with countless websites and being a part of this techno-socio connected world; we spend our maximum time (not everyone) over the web. We spend our time in expressing our thoughts in emoji’s, reactions (on Facebook), likes, shares, and many such activities on social media channels. Have you ever thought of the reason we get indulged on these platforms? Well, saying you like social media is something that everyone do, but the point to notice here is whenever we log into our social media account, we found something to spend our extra time, and that is nothing but a great UX.

Rather sending plain blocks of text, create an email template for your business that is aligned with your business theme. Use different typographic variation, graphics, and color combinations to make your email look more appealing in order to offer great UX to your recipients. If you do so, you will be able to sustain the interest of your readers and make them ask for more.

Modular Email Templates Will Be Preferred

Modular email templates will be highly used to make email campaigns more meaningful and worthwhile. Modular email templates reduce complexity make every bit of information very clear and concise while maintaining its overall flow and consistency.

It supports conveying information section-wise so that recipients don’t have to waste maximum time in coming to the essential point. Thus, to provide simplification and great UX, it will be practiced maximum in the year 2016.

Wrapping Up

Undeniably, email marketing has a long way to go. If you want to utilize email marketing to its maximum, then you can follow these steps make your campaign even more worthwhile for your business.

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