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It is undeniable that spamming is one of the biggest challenges to efficient online marketing. Unfortunately, despite this fact, various marketers try to take advantage of the potential held by the online marketplace using black hat website optimization techniques. This includes stuffing keywords in the website content, using extra back-links, and similar unethical solutions aimed at enhancing the search engine visibility of the website. In addition to the mentioned, another strategy widely used by black hat marketers is creating advertisements through Google AdWords to improve the rankings of their websites.

Thankfully, the approach used by black hat marketers and scams has finally been noticed by Google. The web search frontrunner is currently working on banning the websites that are relying on advertisements promoting false representations or counterfeit goods and services. As per a recent report, Google has reportedly banned over 800,000 advertisers that were found using Google AdWords to offer false goods or services while using black hat techniques for promoting their websites and enhancing the traffic.

The current process being used by Google is to detect malware, scams and counterfeit promotions through the revolutionary detection risk models developed by the company. The number of websites banned by Google shows that the new approach is well-capable of curbing the false advertising being done online. On an average, the technique can capture 95% of the spamming being done by online marketers. The approach is to capture the problems before they are placed on partner networks. The other problems with online scams are still being researched by Google to marginalize the scamming that can go through its AdWords system.

Through this effort by Google, the ability of webmasters to modulate their advertising efforts is booming while calculative efforts are being taken to address the problems faced by those relying on online advertising. The substantially high number of banned ads on Google shows a commendable effort by the company to stop spam, scams, and promotion of counterfeit goods and services. This is creating a whole lot of difference in the online advertising approach while meeting the best interests of the internet users.

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