How to Make Your Facebook Marketing Campaign Stellar

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Let’s be honest: Marketing on Facebook may sound like ABC, but it’s difficult as hell. It’s difficult to engage your target audience, make new fans and most importantly turn them into customers.

If you have a million Facebook fans but none of them is talking about you, it’s useless.

Because Facebook marketing is all about engagement. Engagement helps you rock your audience, strike a chord with them. It helps you build not just your Facebook authority but also your business.

But how do you go about it? How do you make sure that your Facebook campaign turns out to be stellar, even making your competitors envy you?

Let us discuss.

Increase your efforts

If you’re posting twice a day, make it 10 times a day. And don’t worry, that won’t be counted as bludgeoning on your part, because an average post is seen by just 13% of your followers, according to Facebook. So posting more often will rather help you reach out to more and more people.

If you’re not prompt at responding to comments or messages, change that. That’s because web users want everything right away, at lightning-fast speed. You don’t want to sell them pizza today if they were hungry yesterday.

If you’re sharing just simple posts, try to bring in diversity. You can add compelling pictures or videos with your posts, for example. (For those who don’t know, people respond to visual information surprisingly better than plain text.)

If you’re posting an interesting post once a day, post the same post at least 3-4 times a day so that different time zones don’t become a barrier for you.

Try out Facebook ads

Sure, Facebook ads are not something that doesn’t interrupt a user’s flow, but they can make you killer revenue if your campaign is smartly optimized and targeted. We recommend you to start small and take some time so that you get a fair idea of how you’re performing and can make amendments before any big damage.

In his insightful Search Engine Journal post, Wordstream’s Larry Kim says that Facebook and Twitter ads might not be the best option for small businesses:

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Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a powerful option for engaging with fans and soft selling with content marketing, but the average small business isn’t likely to see much success when it comes to direct response marketing.”

Help your target audience and your existing customers

This doesn’t just include customer service – it includes sharing of content that’ll give real value to your prospects as well as customers. It also includes offering free trails and free coupons so your audience can decide if your product is really helpful for them.

Helping your audience helps you not only garner loyal fans, but also build trust, authority and reputation.

So, if you get out from your comfort zone, try out all the Facebook has to provide, including ads, and help your audience, your Facebook marketing campaign becomes profitable, and you’re never alone.  

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