How to protect your website from future Panda Updates?

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A recent Google update – the “Panda” has shaken the online marketers. Google made this update to fight against the spammers who are trying to game their system. Some website owners are appreciating the changes while most of them can’t stand it. Whatever your view is, the important thing is to protect your website from future updates. Here are some of the quick measures.

• Provide high value, unique content: Google wants to ensure that only high-quality websites rank higher in their search results. One of the major aspects of a site’s quality comprises the originality of content. Thus, the website owner needs to produce good, original content for the web searchers. If you have duplicate content on your website, get rid of it. This is the best way to survive in the long run.

• Avoid over optimization: When it comes to ranking well post-Panda Update, being real is the buzzword. You need to create a better experience for your users by making the content simple and real. Reduce the keyword density on the pages; keep a maximum of 3% to be on the safe side. If you have coded every Meta and headline tag with your target keywords, replace some of them with the more real words or phrases.

• Improve page load times: This is something Google is really concerned about, hence making several announcements time and again. To improve your page load times restructure the website’s bloated code, resize or compress the existing image files and use caching plugins if you are using a content management system. All these minor changes will provide a better consumer experience and a faster web.

• Use social networking to build brand awareness: Links from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are taken into account as a valid ranking factor. Thus, it’s a good idea to increase your presence on such websites. Use this medium to get connected to your community and build your brand naturally. Don’t game the system by spamming links or buying fans.

• Link to quality website: After the Panda update, the sites with low-quality links have been badly affected. To protect your website, make sure you develop quality links by getting connected to high-quality relevant sites. For instance, if you are selling flowers, try to get links from other larger sites that are dealing in gifts or holiday packages. Remember, relevancy is the key!

In the end, we conclude that survival in the post-Google Panda world is possible for websites that offer quality content and use strong link-building strategies. Google is making these updates to provide a great web experience to each searcher. Let us help Google in its mission. Pledge not to practice spamming!

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