Questions To Address And Strategies To Follow For Content Marketing

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The best content marketing strategy can only be defined when you know the answers to a few specific questions. Content marketing is that specialized field of social media marketing that helps business brands to:

  • Tell about their business
  • The product
  • Convey the message and
  • Create a better brand value.

It is in fact a broader part of a comprehensive and integrated marketing strategy. However, content marketing needs has a strategy of its own that you need to follow to make it effective for your eventual marketing objective.

In order to shape your content marketing strategy, you will need to know the different issues and questions that may arise during the process. Why? This is because content marketing is much more than simply creating, distributing and sharing text. It needs to engage your audiences and generate more leads.

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Questions to address

A good content marketing strategy is to know about the buyer personas right at the outset. Therefore, ask:

  • Who are your buyers
  • What are their content preferences
  • What are their needs?

These along with all other aspects will help you to understand their buying journey and map their touch points along with their preferred communication channels.

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The content format

The content format is the next important thing in digital marketing NYC that you should know to create a better content strategy. This is important because knowing the buyer personas alone will not be able to provide the desired results until you deliver them with exactly what they want. You will need to take a complete look at all the aspects, angles and perspectives before you start with your marketing endeavor. Ask:

  • Which marketing objectives and other organizational goals you want to realize
  • Which are the areas in your content marketing that you want to improve
  • What type of traffic building you want
  • What are the prospects of conversion optimization
  • Whether you want to focus on event marketing or lead generation
  • How good is your management of different marketing efforts including email marketing and social media marketing
  • Whether you want marketing automation and
  • How good is your customer service?

Lastly, find out whether or not all these can be improved by content marketing using a better content format.

Metrics and KPIs

Next, you should shift your focus on the different content marketing metrics and KPIs. These are essential elements that will help you to gauge the success of your content marketing. Correlating other marketing metrics with the KPIs will help you to speak a common content language across all social marketing channels. It will improve your business efforts.

A few of the most crucial success factors to consider for this matter are:

  • Implementing marketing ROI across the entire business
  • Assessing content marketing ROI
  • Finding the common metrics and
  • Using a common language between all the different departments and channels.

This info will help you to structure your internal organization regarding your content marketing related flows and processes. Often, you will find that a content marketing expert advice building team of members who have a fair bit of knowledge about content marketing and are dedicated. In practice, this is hardly done except in a few major firms. Instead, they focus more on the content marketing metrics and KPIs.

The strategies to follow

Now that you have the answers to the most basic questions of content marketing, you should focus on the content marketing strategies to follow.

  • First, you will need to analyze what is the exact content that you need to write so that it will fulfill your different business goals as well as the needs of the customers throughout their buying journey.
  • You will need to then know the branding purpose that may be overlapping with each of the touch points but make sure that there is a branding dimension in your approach as well.
  • Make an inventory of all your existing contents and other resources and pieces of information that you can successfully use to input into your content.
  • Set up a proper content planning and scheduling processes with collaboration with your team.
  • Develop a better narrative that will help you to take into account the promise of your brand along with the unique value proposition
  • Link your brand with your business goals and your customer intent all through your content.
  • Focus on the tone, voice, style and others while you automate the specific processes of your marketing that should be ideally triggered towards your specific audience.
  • Use the right content and also make sure that you post at the right time and at the right place to the right audience.
  • Plan your content strategy that should be posted on different channels though that may not be your priority but as each channel has specific characteristics and technical aspects you can use their different usage patterns for creating the best content.

Also make sure that your content is found easily across different social media channels and has different buyer personas targeted for different audiences.

Summing it up

Content marketing therefore involves creating, aggregating, sourcing, curating, and optimizing using the best tactics. It also involves defining the right mix that will fit with the goals of your business along with the customer journey.

  • You must provide the content in different formats each having a different and strong calls-to-action that must be in accordance to the individual stages of the buying journey of the customers. You must make sure that your content avoids message fatigue and is written on your brand perspective. There is nothing wrong in repetition but ensure that there is variety and relevance in it.
  • Lastly, mapping your content to pain points according to the buying cycle will help you to elaborate the buyer personas from the perspective of your content strategy. You should also look at the buyer journey from the sales cycle standpoint to make your overall marketing strategy a success.

Defining governance and content flows with the loop between your marketing and sales closed is what you will require to ensure a better customer service and user experience.

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