ResultFirst augments its services spectrum with the addition of Online Reputation Management

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Widely acclaimed for Pay for Performance SEO and Search Engine Marketing campaign management, ResultFirst has announced the addition of Online Reputation Management To its array of services. With this addition, the company has moved a notch closer to being a one-stop-destination for all types of online marketing services. 

San Jose, CA, 14 March 2013: ResultFirst, one of the fastest growing companies in the web services segment is in the news yet again. But this time, the news is neither about the company being placed at the top of the industry ranking charts, nor about its expansion to the lesser explored business territories of the world. This time, ResultFirst is creating waves in the online business world with the addition of Online Reputation Management program to its already comprehensive portfolio of services.

At a recently held press meet, the director of the company, Ruchi Pardal, made the formal announcement about the addition and shed some light on what the company hopes to achieve with this new program.

We offered almost every service a business may need to make the most from the web; however, we didn’t have any schematic approach to enhance and restore their online reputation which obviously plays a pivotal role in their success.”

“So, here we are with exactly what was lacking. Our Online Reputation Management program comprises together numerous methodologies and tactics that can restore and enhance the brand image of a business in the online market. Whether an organization is losing business due to negative online reviews or a website broadcasting some misinformation about it is ranking high on web search results, we can now help our client dealing with all such scenarios.”

Though it would be a bit premature to comment on whether the company’s ORM service would follow the success suite of its SEO and SEM services, but at the same time, it would be safe to say that the addition has most certainly broadened the target market for ResultFirst. With two new recently opened regional offices and now this addition, the company is steadily treading on the pathway to expansion.


ResultFirst, pioneers of the much coveted Pay for Performance Search Engine Optimization, offers various web marketing services aimed at helping businesses create a predominant presence in their segment by leveraging the web. Now, with Online Reputation Management also on its portfolio of services, the company has carved a unique niche for itself in the web services industry. Headquartered in San Jose California, ResultFirst leverages two execution centers located in India to deliver a rare combination of unmatched value for money and laudable competence.

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