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For SEO professionals, 2013 has been an exceedingly eventful year in terms of Google updates. Incredible changes have happened in the industry, thanks to releases such as Panda and Penguin, Hummingbird, and encrypted search. To improve the accuracy of the search results, Google has pepped up its spam-fighting initiatives. These developments have transformed the way SEO professionals.

Having said that, the requirement of e-presence has become extremely significant today, and the competition has also increased. The chances of increasing ROI with online marketing are greater than ever, provided that the SEO professionals evolve with the evolving search algorithms.

Here are a few tips for SEO professionals and companies for creating better SEO strategies in the coming year:

Use 2013’s tactics, but more creatively

Visitor experience should be your main focus in 2014. Websites that cheated their way to the top without providing any value to the visitors won’t be able to do that any longer. The Panda and the Penguin will continue to target content and link quality like they did in 2013. Investing in high quality content will also be extremely important.


Investing your time in Google+ is definitely going to help in 2014. Strengthen your marketing position by making Google+ a significant part of your marcom strategy. Google+ plays an important role in the SEO ranking. By sharing your content on +, you are sure to add some additional points in your kitty and expect a notable improvement in user engagement.

Content Marketing is the key

Plan a robust content strategy if you want to your site to rank well in 2014. In the coming year, Google will give more importance to entities with effective content marketing. Fresh and user-friendly content can help you reach at the top.


2013 has completely changed the SEO business, which makes it critical to create failsafe strategies for the coming year. The positive news is that it is not difficult to know what trends to follow and which direction to choose in 2014. By paying attention to a few important areas and sticking to white hat techniques, SEO professionals can definitely hope to improve organic search engine visibility of their websites.

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