The Positive Impact of A/B Testing on Generating High Revenue

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Behind the creation of every business website, there lie specific objectives and purposes. Some websites are meant for offering different items/goods to the consumers like e-commerce sites; some sites provide various sort of information, while others are merely for entertainment. Irrespective of their commercial domain, generating commendable profit is the fundamental aim of every business website.

But achieving success in this highly-competitive business arena can be difficult without a valuable strategic plan. A little e-commerce here, a little lead generation there, a lot of “look at me!” and content everywhere are old tactics that have lost their effectiveness a long ago. Impressive promotional planning blended with effective marketing policy can give your business the momentum it requires to become successful. That’s why marketing gurus suggest opting for A/B testing.

What exactly A/B testing is?

A/B Testing is a comparative analysis of different ad campaigns for business. The buying behavior, psyche and preference of the people are altering continuously. Only those businesses that are capable of reshaping their promotional game plan according to the ever-changing mindset of the consumers can survive, sustain and flourish. A/B Testing gives you a complete scenario about the performance of the ads and the improvements, alterations, and modifications you can do with them to increase their effectiveness.

Predicting accurate user behavior is impossible, but A/B testing helps you to get close to the maximum productivity of your PPC activity. By evaluating your campaign with an alternate set of settings without changing the ongoing campaign can help you to ensure that your ads are effective and are contributing heavily to your ROI. It helps you to determine which one gives you the optimal result so that you can focus on them more and more and stop wasting money on the underperforming ads.

Improve Your Click-Through-Rates with AdWords A/B Testing

Google’s AdWords is a platform that can be utilized to garner enormous business exposure, but the most crucial part of it is that you need to possess the tactical nous and relentless control over your AdWords campaigns. A/B testing is an essential element of AdWords success. The benefits of A/B testing in the activities like email campaigns are known to all, but very few of us know that PPC campaign can also be boosted with it. A/B testing is one of the most sure-fire ways to improve key metrics like conversion rates and click-throughs for your website.

Let’s look at several examples of A/B testing-

Ad Copy Testing: It’s true that most ads suck and that’s why ad block usage grew by 30%. Ad Copy testing is the best way to get your message delivered to your target audience. The responses can be quantified to give the company more meaningful feedback.

  • Identify which campaign is spending the most money first, and then make a list from there
  • Within each high-spending ad group are keywords that spend the most. Determine the keywords with the right traffic, a good click-through-rate, and conversion rate
  • Make sure that the campaign settings within the dashboard are set to “rotate. ”

Landing Page Testing: By testing landing page layout you can increase lead volume and thus potentially sales using cost-effective techniques. Do keep in mind that small changes in the landing page can have a significant impact on conversion rates. Some of the elements you should consider in landing page testing are

  • The main headline
  • The call to action button
  • Button design & color
  • Display URL
  • Dynamic Text

Display Advertising Testing: A/B testing is a crucial part of producing remarkable display advertising. The best way to figure out what a successful Ad looks like is display advertising testing. It provides valuable information about what works and doesn’t work for your target audience. Elements to Test in Your Digital Ads

  • Ad headlines
  • Ad copy
  • Creatives
  • Ad units
  • Time of day
  • Days of the week
  • Call-to-actions

Things you should do before conducting A/B testing

Select your goal: Actions without a specific motive will bring nothing. If you are doing A/B testing, there must be a pre-planning of what your specific intention is. You must have a complete conception in your mind about the goals you want to achieve by conducting the test. Following are the targets you can choose

  • Increase sales
  • Increase social shares
  • Generating more deals
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Securing more click-throughs

 How you measure the results

Selecting the ways to measure your results is the most important part. There are three tools you can use for measuring the results such as-

  • Google AdWords stats
  • Google Analytics
  • Third party tracking system

Making the best use of the results

The test will help you to uncover the areas where you can make improvements by pointing out the performance of the ads, whether they are higher performing or underperforming. You get the idea to which campaign, your customers are reacted more and showing extensive interest. The success of A/B testing depends on the accurate implementation of the results. Taking clues from the data, your job is to create more appealing content to reel in your target customers.

Final Thoughts

A/B testing is the most scientific method for determining whether a change to a site has performed better than the original. It invariably makes your final versions better for your customers and directly impacts the ROI. A/B testing helps you to improve your product and increase the revenue. 


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