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Digital Marketing is an ever evolving field and you would’ve figured this by now. Each year, there are trends that follow and disruptions that change Digital Marketing landscape forever. We expect the same for the year 2020. Also, 2020 is going to be itsy bitsy favorable to the businesses and marketers for whom Digital Marketing is a sales lifeline. Why? Well, the trends speak for themselves!

Here are top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to follow in 2020.

#1. Voice Search

Did you know that 66.4 Million Americans own a smart speaker like Alexa! Did that number astound you? It should because behind this fact lies a great opportunity. It is estimated that by 2020, 50% of all the search queries will consist of voice searches. If one would care to think deeply this represents an opportunity to optimize your websites for ‘Voice Search.’ You can focus on long-tail keywords instead of simple keywords and expect to register some good results.

#2. Interactive Content

Did you know that interactive content will lead the forefronts of content marketing from 2020? From Shoppable posts (which we will see next) & AR/VR content to quizzes & 360-degree views, people’s expectations have made it all clear. More than 90% of the buyers are eager for more interactive content. Some of the benefits of interactive content includes;

  • Clear content that cuts through the noise
  • High-user engagement & activity
  • Highly shareable content (for instance, quizzes are shared more than blogs on an average)
  • Brand awareness through interactive content
  • Enhanced user experience or UX

#3. Shoppable Posts

Social Media has long been the secret-sauce of the retailer’s sales recipe. There is nothing else that comes even close to Social Media platforms when it comes to direct user engagement, personalization and 1:1 interaction. Online retailers are now using the Social Media sentiment to push their sales through ‘Shoppable Posts.’ By 2020, E-commerce businesses will be leveraging these special posts where they can tag the products in the pictures and the users will be able to shop directly through the post itself. The tag leads to the product page and the visitor ‘intention’ for buying is pretty high too. Don’t miss out on the Shoppable posts strategy in 2020, especially if you’re into B2C retail e-commerce domain.

#4. Smart PPC Bidding for Google Adwords

We all just love Adwords, don’t we? Google Adwords have changed the way online businesses function and compete, introducing a whole new paradigm of ‘quality to reach the top’ for businesses. Google Marketing Live 2019 witnessed the announcement of automation and smart bidding for all the accounts soon. This will be made possible when the account manager will be able to choose conversion actions at campaign level, optimize bids across multiple campaigns, and auto-bid adjustment when the sale starts or stops. Lookout for this game changing PPC marketing trend in 2020.

#5. Messaging Apps for Customer Relations, Outreach & Support

And here you thought WhatsApp was just for sharing funny cat memes! Social messaging apps are now becoming the ‘go-to’ tools for customer relationship management for businesses. Facebook messenger alone witnesses more than 10-billion messages exchanged between businesses and individuals every month. By 2020, Messaging apps will become the forefront of;

  • Building customer relations
  • Educating audience about a product/service
  • Pushing sales
  • Customer Support
  • Customer acquisitions
  • Invitation to events

What are your plans to use these messaging apps for your business?

Digital Marketing paradigm is fluid and always changing. In 2020, we can hope for our predictions to stand true as they gain momentum at this very moment. Stay tuned for more updated!

Experienced Vice President with a demonstrated history of building profitable businesses from scratch up. I have the ability to build and scale up businesses on the sustainable foundation of strong, motivated teams, business relationships and efficient processes. A team player who believes in managing teams with empathy. Loves multi-tasking and solving problems on-the-go. I have a proven track record of building integrated digital marketing strategies that give business-impacting results.
She is an experienced writer who has written content on different topics such as technology and the healthcare industry etc. She enjoys writing about the latest innovations in the industry and loves to share her knowledge with others through articles and blog posts.

I love taking new challenges and playing outside my comfort zone. Skilled in strategizing performance based data driven digital marketing initiatives for both B2B and B2C businesses for clients across the globe.

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Alecksandra Krec
1 year ago

Thanks for this valuable content, it really helped me in seeking content ideas for writing the same blog in an effective manner.'
1 year ago

Thank you very much for your helpful recommendations and advices which will definitely going to help me to boost my brand campaigns and other promotional activities. Good job.

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