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Well, those of you who keep a tab on the latest buzz must be aware that Google has introduced a new search tool, known as ‘verbatim’. The concept is relatively new but has already swept the users off their feet. One thing that is more of a universal fact is that Google search is an integral part of our daily lives and is the prime source of secondary information for many of us. Now imagine what if Google searches for the exact words or phrase that you key in? Wouldn’t it be simply awesome? Well, that is what Google Verbatim is all about? So, it’s not hard to understand why this feature has caused what many are already calling ‘hoopla’ in the market.

Sources reveal that Google Verbatim would be a lot a different from its counterparts or predecessors, if we may say so. For instance, it would not correct the spelling of the word that you enter. So, if you misspell a word that’s totally your responsibility. Similarly, this tool would use the same tense as keyed in by you and even the verb form won’t be altered. In plain and simple terms, no more personalized, corrected or suggested results.

Wondering how to use Google Verbatim? Well, here’ a peek-a-boo for your reference. To begin with, you need to follow the same procedure, which you’ve been following for years, as in go to and enter the term or phrase that you’re searching for. As soon as you do that, a menu would appear on the left. Look out for ‘more search tools’; you would list a list that would also contain verbatim. Well, once you’re there, you know what to do. Happy searching!

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