Why Pay-for-Performance SEO Is the Right Choice

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Pay-for-Performance SEO

The pay-for-performance model is one of the best approaches when it comes to SEO services. It offers better organic results, higher conversions and improved brand visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Better SEO practices always show up positive results within 2-3 months.

Let’s dig deeper to understand why choosing pay for performance SEO is best for your business. But first, know what pay-for-performance SEO is.

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What is Pay-for-Performance SEO?

Also known as performance based SEO and pay for results SEO, pay for performance SEO is a payment model that allows you to pay for the SEO services after getting certain results.

Typically, the result can be first-page rankings, quality leads against targeted keywords with improved sales and ROI.

Pay for performance SEO is a better payment model for your business, which offers you to pay once you get the results for the relevant keywords that helps you to improve ROI.

Does Pay-For-Performance SEO Work?

Yes, pay for performance SEO works. It allows high ranking, massive traffic, and improved conversion rates. This works excellent if you have competitive keywords that can drive sales. PFP SEO model is one of the great options if your site is relevant to the competitive keywords. It can offer first-page ranking traffic and brings higher chances of conversion. PFP SEO is also a great option if you have more complex potential buyers, coming from various keywords.

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Why You Should Opt for Performance Based SEO?

There are more than a few reasons why pay-for-results SEO or pay-per-results SEO is the best approach for your SEO campaigns. Performance-based SEO is one of the effective ways to market your brand. Making payment for the actual results keeps it different from traditional SEO. You shouldn’t avoid ‘pay for performance SEO,’ because it boosts pages, improves rankings, and ensures good traffic. Moreover, when you opt for the PFP SEO model, you will not get cheated as you do not need to pay monthly if the service provider does not provide desired results.

Below are some of the key reasons to choose the PFP SEO pricing model.

1. Broader Focus

Performance-based SEO programs tend to focus on getting rankings for a long list of relevant keywords, improving search engine ranking, boosting conversions from organic leads and increasing ROI.

To achieve this, an SEO service agency focuses on targeting keywords that bring qualified traffic – visitors that turn into potential customers.

With result based SEO, several other metrics, including bounce rate, click-through rates, and page speed are also optimized.

2. A Unique Approach

The best part with the pay-for-performance SEO pricing model is that you will have to pay only when you get results.

  • No need to incur substantial monthly expenses for PFP SEO.
  • Proven SEO strategies are implemented to bring results.
  • Independence of choosing desired keywords.
  • This SEO service approach taps the psychology that drives users to convert. Experts make necessary changes on your website to ensure that your visitors convert.

Thus, improving your website’s ranking and giving sustainable business growth makes pay-for-performance SEO unique.

3. Long-Term Values

When it comes to the performance-based SEO payment model, SEO Companies focus on long-term gains and value for your business. They build up site authority and a strong presence in search engines.

Also, pay-for-performance SEO professionals maintain their continuous process that requires constant work updates, including:

  • Conducting an industry study
  • Targeting primary and secondary keywords
  • Adding relevant keywords to your content
  • Providing quality and original content
  • Optimizing page title and meta description
  • Adding text to infographics, podcasts and videos
  • Generating backlinks from high authority websites
  • Optimizing websites to improve page load speed

4. No Black-hat Tactics

Performance-based SEO model means no ‘black hat-SEO tactics.’ In general, black-hat SEO violates the terms and services of Search Engines and manipulates search engine algorithms rather than improving a website ranking naturally. In the case of black-hat SEO, a search engine like Google may issue a penalty against your site; thereby the site will disappear from search results.

SEO agencies working on the pay-for-performance SEO model get results faster than the retainer SEO program. They take a long-term SEO approach by applying proven SEO methods.

They never apply shady SEO methods, like black-hat tactics, but set out custom SEO strategies, and then implement them for better business performance.

An SEO Company such as ResultFirst acts as the most trusted SEO partner when it comes to pay-on-results SEO. As our valued clients, you’ll first agree on our SEO strategy, and then we’ll start working toward your goals and overall business objectives.

Main components of our Pay-for-Performance SEO model:

  • Industry Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Complete Website Audit
  • Keyword research
  • Complete On Page Suggestion
  • Backlinks Acquisition

Four Pay-For-Performance SEO Tactics to Avoid

Four pay-for-performance SEO tactics that every premium PFP SEO Company avoids are:

  • Paid Links and PBNs: Paid links are when a website pays a third-party domain for a followed backlink that points back to their domain. A PBN is a network of websites. Many unpopular SEO companies use it to build links to a single website. It is done to manipulate search engine rankings.
  • Keyword Stuffing: It is a practice wherein keywords are overused to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google searches
  • Cloaking: It presents unique content or URLs to both search engines and human users.  Cloaking is a violation of Google.
  • Vanity Keywords: These keywords are not for website performance, but used for emotional reasons. These keywords may include competitor slogans, competitor names, and buzz words.

Using these SEO tactics in pay for performance SEO reduces search engine rankings, causes the site to disappear and may be penalized by the search engine.

So, when hiring an SEO company for your business, always do thorough research, look at the company’s past performance, and read reviews about them. A premium SEO Company such as ResultFirst never practices bad SEO tactics.

Is Every Pay-For-Performance SEO Agency Shady?

No. It is wrong to say that every pay-for-performance agency is shady. After all, not all of them employ spam tactics. If I am not wrong, some new traditional SEO agencies may follow questionable techniques. Ultimately, the uniqueness of pay-for-performance agencies is the payment structure. It gives stable results with thought for repercussions.

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What to Look for When Hiring Performance-Based SEO Services?

When you hire hiring performance-based SEO services, it is advisable to have a specific goal in mind. Check all the prospective SEO service providers. Compare services; check past and existing clients of the SEO companies. Check the company’s past experience. Best performance-based SEO service providers have complete information on their websites. Go through their portfolio, and case studies and read client testimonials and reviews. Finally, choose a PFP agency only if its pricing has different models.

How is Pay-For-Performance SEO Pricing different From ‘Traditional’ SEO Different?

PFP SEO pricing and Traditional SEO pricing are different. The pay-for-performance SEO pricing model requires payments only after getting the desired results. On the other hand, traditional SEO comes with a monthly fee model, regardless of the results and rankings. So, the major difference between the PFP SEO model and traditional SEO lies in the mode of payment and targets. In performance-based SEO, you pay only for results, and no monthly fee is involved in this model.


To sum up, performance-based SEO pricing is the best option until or unless you partner with the best SEO service company. If you work with the wrong pay-on-results SEO Company, it can damage your business.

Moreover, have patience for results as SEO is a long-term process and any SEO strategy worth doing takes time in bringing satisfactory results.

In fact, long-term success requires a long-term SEO plan.

As a reputable pay-for-performance SEO company, we first audit your website, check competitors, understand your objectives and target audience than craft SEO strategies that bring long-term success.

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