5 Best Memorial Day Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas for Small Business

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Memorial Day commemorates those who have died while servicing the country. It was originally called as “Decoration Day.” The day was first celebrated by General James Garfield, who delivered a speech to 5000 people as attendees. They decorated the graves of the martyred US soldiers. Every year, the day is celebrated on the last day of May and is a federal holiday.

Being in a small business industry puts you at a pedestal where you have to keep running to avoid getting lost. Running in this race is difficult, but not impossible. A few hacks always come in handy.

Keeping track of the calendar is one such trick that you need to master if you want to improve your visibility among your target audience. Paying respect to your country’s historical events through offers is a thoughtful way of gaining respect and visibility among your target audience.

So, Memorial Day is round the corner. Here are five Memorial Day marketing campaign ideas for small businesses to help you achieve what you seek:

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1. Coupons on Smartphones

Recent research shows that mobile marketing campaigns are found to be more productive than their counterparts.

“Mobile accounted for nearly a third (33.2%) of time spent with any form of media in 2021. By the end of 2023, that share will climb to 35.0%. ”


As they reduce the burden of printing, they make an easy way to entice the customers into buying. The coupon should be useful for the day or the entire weekend. The existing customers may be provided with an exclusive coupon while the new customers may be motivated to go to emailing list by offering them a coupon.

2. Contest on Social Media

It is a real involving Memorial Day campaign idea. You can create a social media contest which may involve tagging a photo, getting pictures, and posting them on the site. It’ll be wise to use patriotic ideas, such as a writing contest about America, the best American photo contest, etc.

You can also involve your followers with a hashtag contest. In this, you may ask them to take funny pictures with the products you intend to promote. The customers like to do silly things, and this can be a real motivator for them. You can also think of involving their families and even their communities.

3. Events

The events are by far the most involving of all marketing campaign ideas for small businesses. Some thoughts which you can use are:

  • Interactive Events

You can plan a dance or music event outdoors where the public can easily be involved. With these events, you can easily engage the youth if that is your target demographic. Giving the event a patriotic flavor will add fuel to the fire, and with a young, energetic team, you can certainly do wonders.

  • Just-For-Fun

It isn’t necessary that all the events are related to your products. How about a family day in the backyard? You can complete it with a few games and a snow cone machine, and invite customers to bring the family for the day. If your business involves family and kids, having such an event will be a great idea. In such events, families can unwind themselves, and this also helps in creating a good image of your brand.

  • Raise Funds for a Cause

You can also use the day to raise funds for a social cause that is related to your business. This is an excellent way to create a very positive sentiment for your brand. For example, if you are a soap manufacturer, you can run a discount on the products and with a cause that a particular amount collected from the sale will go for “war affected people” or for “educating the poor.”

  • Partnered Events

You can also think of partnering with like-minded businesses. For example, if you’re a uniform maker, you can tie up with an equipment manufacturer and then host a larger event. Such collaboration will help you both in reaching a large number of customers and may garner better sales. These Memorial Day campaign ideas have been tried earlier, and they work well just anywhere.

4. Run Happy Hour Campaign

Although such campaigns are common, you can make them unique by offering a special discount, which is valid only for 2-3 hrs. For example, if you run a pizza shop, you can run a happy hours campaign from 5pm-8pm on the weekend of Memorial Day. Another way could be an extended campaign that runs across weekdays leading to Memorial Day.

5. Go Digital

You can also plan for a digital campaign. Here are some Memorial Day digital marketing campaign ideas to use the internet. To run these campaigns effectively, hire the best Digital Marketing Company like ResultFirst.

  • Try Facebook

According to Statista, Facebook tops the most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2022 by the number of monthly active users.

You can think of a Memorial Day-themed Facebook promotion that encourages them to post the photo of a beloved member to your account. Once the customers post the picture, they’ll get the coupon. It’s important because 60% of Facebook users visit a local business Page at least once a week, so promote your page, and use it to build relationships.


  • Use Twitter Collages

You can make use of Twitter collages, and use a how-to post.

These smart Memorial Day Digital marketing ideas for small businesses can certainly flare up your Memorial Day celebration and its impact on your business. Why wait? Draft your campaign strategy and share your ideas in the comments below.

ResultFirst is your most trusted companion for Memorial Day Campaign Ideas. We aren’t just helpful for running digital marketing campaigns, but can also help increase organic traffic, improve ranking on search results as well as boost sales by providing customized SEO optimization services or eCommerce SEO services depending on your business requirements.

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